Name:            Dr. Michael George Haldane

Age:               34

Living in:      Japan



PhD:              The University of Essex (2005)

                      eThe Open Valley: Translation, Transmission and Transfiguration of the Sonnet in Sixteenth-Century England,

and the Triumph of Formf


Masters:        The University of Essex (1997-98)

                      Literary Translation (with Distinction)


BA:                The University of St. Andrews (1989-93)

                      Honours German




-          eDoubling in Bartholomew Yongfs Dianaf.  Translation and Literature 14:1 (Spring, 2005), pp. 1-20.

-          eThe Date of Thomas Combefs Fortunatus and its Relation to Dekkerfs Old Fortunatusf. MLR 101:2 (April 2006), pp. 313-24.

-          eThe Translation of the Unseen Self: Fortunatus, Mercury and the Wishing-Hat.  Folklore 117:2 (August 2006), pp. 171-89.

-          egThe Soote Seasonhf: Surrey and the Amatory Elegyf.  English Studies 87:4 (August 2006), pp. 402-14.

-          eThe Moral Voice in T. C.fs Fortunatusf. Neophilologus (forthcoming).



Academic Membership and Awards:


2005-             Visiting Fellow, Department of Literature, University of Essex

1991              Mary Anderson Prize for Scottish History (St. Andrews)



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