With the Augsburg 1509 illustrations:

1. Fortunatus

The Bear

Chapter 1, With the Count of Flanders

Chapter 2, Fortunatus in London

Chapter 3, The Choice in the Wood

Chapter 4, The Count of the Wood

Chapter 5, Lupoldus

Chapter 6, Travels through Europe and Purgatory

Chapter 7, Death in Constantinople

Chapter 8, A Wife for Fortunatus

Chapter 9, Two Sons, and a Hat, for Fortunatus

Chapter 10, The Death of Fortunatus

2. Andolosia

Chapter 1, Travels in France and Spain

Chapter 2, Agrippina

Chapter 3, Hatless in Hibernia

Chapter 4, Apples, Horns, and a Hermit

Chapter 5, Sister Agrippina

Chapter 6, A Royal Wedding in Cyprus

Chapter 7, The Tragical Death of Andolosia