Elizabethan English:

A list of Elizabethan slang.


English-Danish Dictionary

One document; very useful, but takes quite a long time to load.


English to Japanese Word Translation Service:



An Early New High German-English Dictionary based on Petrus Dasypodius’s Dictionarium latinogermanicum (Strasbourg, 1536). Provided by the University of Newcastle.



A slightly bewildering number of windows on the front page, but an interesting site nonetheless with a wealth of etymological information.


French, Italian and Spanish Dictionaries

Contains hundreds of thousands of translations; one of the best online resources for these languages.


Germanic Lexicon Project

Old dictionaries and grammars of Gothic, Anglo-Saxon, English dialects, Old High German, Middle High German, Old Saxon, Old Frisian, and Old Norse.


History of Dutch:

A history of the Dutch Language. Provided by the University of Vienna, this excellent resource is available in Dutch, German and English.



Formerly known as The Human-Languages Page. A wide-ranging catalogue of language-related Internet resources.



English-Norwegian and Norwegian-English dictionaries.


The JapanesePage

A colourful and lively site with many free resources for learning Japanese.



If you wish to buy a book related to learning the Japanese language online, this is one of the best sites


National Monuments Record Thesauri

A thesaurus for our built and buried heritage.


open dictionary

A multilingual dictionary.


Specialised Glossaries

Contains links to 65 glossaries – on masonry, transport, hoofcare, CCTV, rugs, bridge, tobacco, hats…



Etymological essays on mediaeval German concepts (in German).