BrinDin Press:

High-quality translations of poetry from many languages, with French, German, Spanish and Italian the languages most commonly translated. My poetic translations can be found here.


The Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts:

A collection of classics from English and American Literature and Western Philosophy.



A gateway to Swiss and French authors, and to many scientific documents in English or French.  Other texts in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin.


The Baldwin Project:

Children's classics in English.



Site providing an excellent overview of American Literature.


British Library:


The Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies:

Hosted by the University of Toronto.  Provides many excellent links.


Classic Reader:

3,000 literary classics.

Classics Resources:

An excellent starting-page for those wishing to find materials on the Classics.



Search the holdings of the UK University Libraries. A University of Manchester resource.


Digital Book Index:

Links to tens of thousands of digital books.


Digital Library of Dutch Literature and Language:

Homepage of the digitale bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse letteren.  A useful resource for students of a wonderfully rich but scandalously neglected language and literature.


E.T.A. Hoffmann:

Home page of the E.T.A. Hoffmann society, an institution that celebrates the life and works of one of the great storytellers.


Early Modern Literary Studies:

Sheffield Hallam University on-line academic journal.


Eighteenth-Century Texts:

This page contains links to a small number of excellent sites and, as it says, it covers a very elongf 18th-century.


Elizabethan Texts:

A selection of texts accompanied by a glossary and appendices which are extremely useful.




Folklore, Fairy Tales and Myth:

A superb collection of tales, listed by title and type, provided by Professor D.L. Ashliman.  Contains links to non-English language sites.



English and American literature, including numerous translations.  Like most translations, they are old (pre-bloody-copyright), and therefore composed in a more elegant English than is generally to be found nowadays.



Online library of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.  Contains tens of thousands of documents, but I can never seem to find the one I want.


German Studies Web:

Superb portal for the Germanophile.  Run by the Western European Studies Section, part of the Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association, and provided by Dartmouth College.  Their homepage offers the same service for Dutch, French, Iberian, Italian, Scandinavian Studies, and so on.


Ghosts & Scholars:

Homepage of the M.R. James newsletter.


Die Geschichte vom Helmbrecht:

Very attractive site on Meier Helmbrecht.


Humanities Text Initiative:

Provided by the University of Michigan.



A beautiful site, with links to mediaeval, Renaissance and 17th-century literature.



An Introduction to Mythology, containing links to sites on Mythology, Comparative Mythology, Hero Myths, and Fairy Tales and Folk Tales.


National Diet Library:

The homepage of the Japanese National Diet Library.


Project Gutenberg:

16,000 texts from the oldest producer of free eBooks on the Internet.


Project Gutenberg (German):


Renaissance Emblem Books:

An introduction to the collection held by Glasgow University Library.


Renaissance Electronic Texts:

A service provided by the University of Toronto, especially useful for early modern dictionaries (Coote and Cawdrey can be found here, as can EMEDD).  Also contains the Elizabethan Homilies, Shakespearefs Sonnets, and Cavendishfs The Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey.


Shakespearean Authorship:

Whatever you think about the Oxfordiansf arguments, they do, at least, provide useful access to source texts.


Shakespearefs Sonnets:


Sonnet Central:

An archive of English sonnets for the general reader.


Studies in Bibliography:

Academic journal presented by the University of Virginia, 1948-.


Translation Journal:

An online journal covering all kinds of translation – literary, scientific, legal, financial, medical, etc. 1997-.


Twilit Grotto: Archives of Western Esoterica:

Excellent resource on esoteric writers.


Voice of the Shuttle:

Excellent gateway to research in the Humanities.


World eBook Library (Renascence Editions):

27,000 texts in PDF format for public access, 60,000 for members.